About us

Fatamorgana is a little place full of magic, a clothing and accessories store in the historic centre of Montepulciano. It was born in 2006 thanks to the owner’s fantasy, who moved from far away. In the shop mother and daughter are always engaged in the researching of products that can surprise and transmit beauty, a personal style always unique and always different for men and women. We try to move away from the big brands, focusing on refined products and textiles. This is the reason why we prefer Italian emerging brands, far from the classic concept of fashion but with a lot of nuances. Classic and modern lines interwine, and the result are inusual shapes and volumes, fragrances and colors that lead away.

Fatamorgana, as well as the mirage in the desert from which takes its name, wants to be a flash of beauty in an increasisingly common and homogeneous world.

The Fairy Tells...